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The War that Saved My Life

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The War That Saved My Life by Kimberley Brubaker Bradley

Text Publishing $16.99 Age 10+

This intense, gripping and heart wrenching story tells how 9 yr old Ada leaves her one room apartment with her young brother to join the evacuees leaving London during the blitz. She has a twisted foot that makes it difficult and painful for her to walk. Ada really thrives in the country; she learns to read, teaches herself to ride a pony, makes friends and learns to look after herself and to trust others. This is a long story, over 300 pages, but Ada is such a strong and engaging person, her world is so carefully presented, so rich and varied with humour and pathos combined that you can’t put it down. A sequel is coming soon.

Author: Exploring Children's Books

I am a professional working in the field of children's literature. I work for the Children's Book Council of Australia and review for a number of magazines.

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