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Lizzie and Margaret Rose by Pamela Rushby

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Lizzie and Margaret Rose written by Pamela Rushby, a Brisbane based writer who has specialised in writing Australian historical fiction. She is remarkable in the vivid way that she brings to life events, people and places from forgotten pockets of Australia’s past.

It is WW II – 10yr old Margaret Rose comes to live with her aunt and uncle in Townsville after she loses her parents in the London Blitz. The Australian way of life is strange to her and her cousin, 11yr old Lizzie is not that friendly. Townsville is preparing for war, people build air raid shelters, there is rationing, blackouts, young men going off to war, and exotic American soldiers bringing new music and dancing. Margaret Rose is worried that she may be moved on to another family if she doesn’t get on with everyone. Lizzie is a bit jealous that Margaret Rose is getting all the attention. The two girls after a rocky start get a better understanding of each other during an air raid when they are alone in the house. This is a moving story of how two girls become friends and of family life during the war, set against a carefully researched background that brings the time vividly to life. Published by Omnibus Books for 16.99 and a lovely read for anyone 9 +.

Author: Mia Macrossan

I have been a CBCA judge and am currently a judge for the Queensland Literary Awards. I review for Magpies, Reading Time, 4MBS radio and StoryLinks. I also co-ordinate The Last Tuesday Children's Book Club (for adults). My favourite book is the one I am currently reading.

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