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Reckless Book 1 :The Petrified Flesh

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Reckless  Book 1: The Petrified Flesh by Cornelia Funke

Pushkin Children’s Books 346 p $16.95 Age 13+

an interesting puzzle in that it is an extensively revised version of an earlier publication by the German writer Cornelia Funke. Reckless Book 1, The Petrified Flesh is the story of two brothers, Jacob and Will. Jacob, the elder has discovered a mirrorworld, a land behind the mirror in the study in their apartment. He disappears into this world and becomes a successful treasure hunter, finding magical items for those prepared to pay his price.  Will follows him and discovers that fairy tales are real if very different from what we have been told in our world. When Will is cursed, and has only a short time to live before his whole body turns to jade, it is up to Jacob to use all his wits and experience to try and save him. This is the first book in a trilogy, the other titles are Living Shadow and The Golden Yarn. It is beautifully written, highly original, with many unexpected twists and turns, and a very exciting read. It can lean a little towards the dark side which is why I recommend a reading age of 13+.  Cornelia Funke has been compared to J K Rowling. Personally I think Funke is better than Rowling but you will have to read the books to make up your own mind.

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