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Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo

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The American writer Kate DiCamillo who recently was the American Children’s Laureate will be in Brisbane on 30th May. Go and see her if you can, she is brilliant. Her latest book just out in pb is Raymie Nightingale, the story of a  girl trying to get her father back into her life. Raymie’s plan is to win the baton twirling contest, get her picture in the paper and her dad will see it and maybe come home. First however she has to compete with two formidable rivals, two girls who also have their own secret agendas. You may wonder about the baton twirling but it is not really important. The story is all about the madcap adventures that the three girls get up to in order to achieve their goals.  The story has all the DiCamillo trademarks, the people are real,vivid and perhaps a little strange, the emotions are universal and it is blazingly funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Raymie Nightingale is published by Walker books, available in hb and pb,  a brilliant story for clever 10 years and upwards.

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I am a professional working in the field of children's literature. I work for the Children's Book Council of Australia and review for a number of magazines.

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